We have 4 state-of-the-art locations, serving the New York Metro area

Our Premier team has worked with more than 7000 students since 1999, for consulting, general academic support, and test preparation.

We have clients in 18 states, and multiple countries, including California, North Carolina, Missouri, Florida, Louisiana, New Jersey, Texas, Italy, China, Thailand, and Taiwan.

We have Skype classes for SAT and ACT 7 days per week

94% of our students in our NYS Regents intensive prep courses earned 95 or better.

88% of our students in our SAT intensive courses saw their scores increase by at least 100 points.

95% of our students are accepted to one of their top choice colleges   

100% of our students receive multiple admissions offers

43% of our students receive merit scholarships

99% of parents believe that Premier offered invaluable support and advice during the college admissions process

100% of our clients say Premier saved them countless hours throughout the college admissions process 

100% would recommend Premier for educational support and test preparation

100% of our clients with multiple children return with their second and third children for college consulting services