Congratulations 2019 College Acceptance!

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Congratulations 2018 EA/ED College Acceptance!

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Premier Plus Education Team Profile, Company Culture

Premier Plus Education is an educational institution with  over 15 years of experience, which provides a vast array of services such as personalized college admissions counseling, academic tutoring, academic competitions, scientific research, leadership development, career exploration and internship opportunities, etc.

Premier Plus Education has gathered a large number of outstanding talents with backgrounds from top universities. Among these talented individuals, 19 graduated from top 3 universities in the United States, and 11 graduated from top 30 universities in the United States, which includes 12 with a master’s degree, and 4 with a doctorate degree.

Premier Plus Education is developing rapidly, and currently has seven branch locations on Long Island. The Jericho branch school is located in the No.1 school district in the United States, which has the top educational resources and environment for academic growth. In addition, Premier Plus Education has established long-term partnership with the former admissions director at Cornell University and Columbia University. Because of them, the Premier Consultants team can help students to customize the best individualized plan to achieve success from the perspective of the school and the elites themselves.

  1. Premier Consultants International College Acceptance Results

Our team of teachers have helped over 1000 students attain admission to specialized high schools, Ivy League colleges, and top 30 universities.

In addition, our goal is to provide more than just the academic aspect of education. We run exciting & unique programs throughout the year, broadening our students' horizons and providing them a fountain of new experiences.

You can find Premier’s students in all top universities. The network of relationships that Premier Education has built over the years can provide very effective and immediate information to prospective students.

The latest data for the 2018-19 school year shows that nearly 60 students from Premier Education entered top 30 universities in the United States. The consulting team of Premier Education has helped 33 students to achieve $2,591,160 in scholarship awards.

  1. Premier Education service details

Premier Education provides a vast array of services to students in grades 3 through 12, such as academic tutoring, ability development, and counseling for academic success. In addition, the Premier Consultants team provides high-end customized service to students who want to apply to private high school, college, or graduate school, including one-on-one counseling, developmental planning, designing a perfect application, developing the potential for the students future, and leadership training. This service stems from primary school’s elective classes, academic competitions, high school exams such as SAT, ACT, AP, SAT2, PSAT, professional development, and we extend to college course tutoring, including GRE/GMAT preparation. Premier Education provides the highest quality teachers to meet the needs of students of all different levels and ages.

  1. Premier consueling team and qualifications

Susan is the founder of Premier Education. She has lived on Long Island for 30 years and has an EMBA degree at Dartmouth. She was a professional consultant of the International Leadership Foundation, who previously assisted Asian youth to gain internship opportunities at the White House. She believes that it is very important to cultivate children's communication skills from an early age, which is also the motivation for her to gain the exclusive agent of Dale Carnegie. She successful raised her two children and guided them into prestigious schools, such as Phillips Exeter, Wharton School at UPenn, and Columbia University. Therefore, she wants to share her educational philosophy, experiences, and excellent resources with all families to cultivate more outstanding youth in our communities.  Her professional goals remain surrounded by her passion to guide students down the appropriate path to help them gain entry into the schools of their dreams.

Heather, our Director of Consulting has personally served hundreds of students and families for nearly 20 years. Each year, she provides multiple high school planning and college admissions seminars to colleagues, teachers, students, and parents.  She conducts multiple annual college visits and meets with admissions deans, students and faculty, with the intent to keep current about admissions approaches, academic programs and school culture to help Premier's clients make the most informed decisions possible. Prior to joining Premier, Heather worked as an attorney, practicing in the area of Intellectual Property with the firm of Phillips Nizer, and was also retained by the New York State Board of Law Examiners to grade the essay portion of the New York State Bar Exam.  Beyond her extensive experience as an educational consultant, her background as a lawyer enhances her counseling, research, advocacy, and writing skills. Her educational and professional history, with the high-level of knowledge and experience she developed as a consultant, both defines and separates her from other consultants. Heather is a member of the Board of Trustees for the North Shore Child and Family Guidance Center in Old Westbury. In addition, she has participated in extensive volunteer and pro-bono work for secondary schools. She was recognized for her charitable work and commitment to the greater community by the Town of North Hempstead and was awarded the honor, “Woman of the Year” in 2016.  She has held numerous positions in the East Williston School District, including Co-President of the elementary school; member of the Coordinating Council; and member of parent interview committees for district administrative candidates, including two superintendents and multiple department chairs. She regularly donates educational consulting services to charitable organizations in the New York metropolitan area.

John is the former admissions director at Cornell University who recently stepped down at the end of August 2018. He is an exclusive consultant for Premier Education. He has a thorough understanding of the latest policies and standards of Ivy League enrollment,which can help students better plan their applications for colleges, and to yield twice the results with half the effort. With John on board, 19 students were admitted to Cornell University from Premier Education with his help. In addition, John had also served as an admissions director for several top 40 universities in the United States. He has more than 10 years experiences in college admissions and he maintains close contact with the admissions officers of many universities. He is also familiar with the admission policies of the other popular universities. Having reviewed the applications of over 10,000 candidates, he clearly knows what kind of characteristics a student needs to have in order to be accepted by their dream schools. He also summarized the traits that have been selected by different schools over the years, and he is able to help students to create the most compelling application materials. As an experienced consultant, John will customize the plan that can best stimulate the potential of the student. He will use his motivational skills to enable students to make substantial changes that will encourage them to change their way of thinking in order to grow into the type of student who meets the requirements of their dream school.  According to the characteristics of different students, John will dig out the shining points from unique and novel perspectives to design specific implementation plans, which will be reflected in the application documents to help students stand out in future school applications.

Sunny graduated from University of Pennsylvania and has more than 20 years of educational experience. She was an experienced lawyer, and familiar with the college application process, enabling her to help students write the perfect resume and personal statements. She has helped at least 30 students get into ivy league schools every year, and 95% of her students were able to get into their dream school.

Susan has received a Master and Doctorate degree at Yale University and was a college professor. She has been engaged in educational guidance for more than 15 years. She has great passion for the education industry and knows all of the courses of junior high school, high school, and college very well. She can provide the most powerful academic guidance for students and select suitable university for the students.

Tani graduated from Harvard business school with MBA major. She has been a college admissions consultant for more than 15 years, and is very familiar with the admissions policy of colleges and graduate business schools. She has helped more than 300 students to prepare their applications and successfully achieve entrance into ivy league or dream schools.

Steven is in charge of the Premier Education’s market in China. He was a Shanghai regional manager of a listed company. He plays an important role in helping Premier Education to develop rapidly. He planned and developed many popular courses for Premier Education, such as our Gifted Math Program,SAT2 perfect score guaranteed class, International Mathematics Competition tutoring, and national honor competition class, etc. He aimed to provide the best educational resources for Premier Education students regardless of cost. Steven is very familiar with the educational situation and policy with China and the USA, and he can provide very useful guidance in school selection and curriculum planning for international students.

Joseph and Julie are core members of Premier Education. They both have master’s degrees in the education field at quality Universities in the United States. Joseph is responsible for docking several universities in China and has close connections with the admission offices. He is experienced in business docking  between China and the United States. Julie is an expert in elite education and creative study and she has good connections with the founding team of Brainstorm theory. She has planned the proposal of elite education and talent development for a key school in Beijing. They are mainly in charge of contacting and communicating with various departments and integrating the Premier Education consulting team with customers, which is an important link for Premier Education to provide high-end consulting services.


General College Consultation:

  • One-to-One setting; Parents are welcome to join.

  • Review grades, Test Scores, College Rankings, and Extra-curricular activities

  • College matching : Identify the best-fit colleges based on grades & areas of interest.

  • To maximize efficiency, we require scores of students, transcript & activity list be sent to the office prior to consultation.

*Special rates for multiple consulting services. Call for details and rates.

Freshmen/Sophomore Packages, Junior & Senior Year Packages, as well as private high school, boarding school,  and graduate school packages are available.


I just finished my freshman year at MIT, and I am majoring in architecture. I am also pursuing minors in Computer Science and Comparative Media Studies. I am thriving at MIT, and I would not be here without working with Susan at Premier. As a sophomore in high school, Susan encouraged me to push my limits in math competitions, and I eventually entered USAJMO. Before the summer of my junior year, Susan and Heather, my consultant, spent countless hours looking for the perfect summer school for me. Their effort definitely paid off, as the two programs I participated in were so memorable and influential. Most importantly, during the college application season, both Susan and Heather worked hard to refine my application, from subtle details to the general message. Susan and Heather have always been there for me, and now, I am here because of them.

Catherine Y. - MIT

Premier Plus Education provided me with strong academic support throughout mine junior and senior year of my high school. Its mature educational program and experienced tutors assisted me on my standardized tests and college application. The admission letter of my dream school was a return to the efforts we made together. I could not accomplish this without Premier Education.

Emma J. - NYU

My success at Premier can be attributed to the teachings of their mentors. Whether it was learning test taking skills or reinforcing core studies, the instructors were always helpful on undoubtedly professions in their own fields.

Jay K. - NYU Stern

After searching for years, I was so lucky to have found Premier. Premier has a group of teachers and advisors who guide students with the intention of helping everyone to succeed. The faculty not only helped me thrive academically but also provided me with personal support that guided me through multiple hardships. I am very thankful for all the support I have received.

Jiaqi Z. - Duke University

Premier Education provided me with an adequate work environment and a vigorous course load to assist along my high school journey. The teachers and assistants there were very supportive and eager to help the students. The skills and techniques I learned here allowed me to pursue a higher education and achieve greater accomplishments

Sean h. - university of Chicago

Premier has the most helpful teachers and advisors that truly care about your success, not only as a student, but as a person, too. I am so lucky to have been under Premier’s guidence. Premier has helped me to grow and mature academically and emotionally, an I am very thankful for all of the support I have received.

Caroline C. - Columbia university

Premier has been incredibly helpful in my acdemic endeavors. The teachers gave me individual attention and they tailored every lesson to my needs. They did everything possible to make sure that I would get the best possible result. The teachers always had work prepared for me and they went into intricate detail to make sure that I would be prepared for any possible scenario when I took the test. The staff is incredibly helpful and the environment and resources have helped me reach my academic dreams.

Joshua C. - ACT prefect score

Premier has helped me through my academic career tremendously. Throughout the college process they have helped me narrow down my choices and consider all my options, making sure I made an informed decision. I am eternally grateful for all their support though testing, applications and decision time. Because of them, I am blessed enough to be attending Johns Hopkins University in the fall, majoring in Neuroscience.

Annie Y. - Johns Hopkins University