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Premier Plainview has highly experienced teachers and staff who cater to the academic needs of each and every type of student. But that's not a characteristic unique to just Plainview location. I'm sure there are other test prep centers out there with such great human resources. What sets Premier Plainview apart from other test prep centers is the sense of community. For most students, a test prep center is nothing more than a test prep center-- a dreaded SAT/ACT prison and a way station to the next phase in education. At Premier Plainview, however, students motivate themselves to study. At our center, you hear laughter more than you hear sighs. At Premier Plainview, teachers and friends become lifelong friends. This intangible nature is something that can't easily be emulated. Premier Plainview  is not just your regular test prep center. It is a tight-knit community where its members feel at home to be part of and to which they find themselves returning time and again even long after they've gone off to college.

Kai (AMC): Attained a Mathematics Education PhD from Columbia University and Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics from Tsinghua University. He was one of the few selected to compete in the International Math Olympiad (only six are chosen per country) and has over 10 years teaching AMC and AIME.

Jae (SAT/SAT II/ACT):Completed a Bachelors of Science in Chemistry from Yale University. He has many years of experience tutoring for the SAT, ACT, and SAT Subject Tests with excellent results. He also tutors for academic subjects from elementary school math to high school science. He currently teaches chemistry and physics at a private school in Centereach, NY.

Tina (Director):Certified Math teacher specialized AP statistics with more than 10 years of teaching experience. Achieved class average 4.0 in AP exam for years. As a new immigrant herself, she taught two daughters reading and writing and built up an excellent foundation for them to succeed in academic. After her daughter graduated from high school, she got into 8-year combine medical program in SBU medicine within 3 year.

Luisa Wu(ESL/ENL): Specialized ESL/ENL teacher with more than 6 years of experience. Has guided students in our summer classes with successful results.

Jack Burkart(Math/AMC/AP calc): Specialized Math/AMC/AP calc tutor with successful results. Awarded for outstanding teaching in mathematics. Achieved Kolettis Award during college.

Maureen(Writing): Stony Brook PhD of English with more than 20 years of teaching SAT and general writing. Helped develop questions for students' writing and has helped many students achieve successful results.

James(ESL/ENL): Specialized ESL/ENL tutor who led private and group classes with excellent results. Long Island University Master of Arts in TESOL with special ESL/ENL enrichment through The Arts after School program and collaborated with a professional playwright.